The first "Caravan of Caring" was two weeks ago. We gathered at Kirkwood Mall - North end parking lot, and off we went. We followed a route that wound through hospitals here in town. We saluted and waved our appreciation to the Bismarck Healthcare workers, glided around  St. Alexis, with enthusiastic caravaners, The wonderful feeling of knowing that hospital employee, patients saw our gratitude was what it was all about.

Yesterday, the "Caravan of Caring" - The Sequel was held at the.same gathering place, this time our goal was to show love to the second shift -Healthcare. I was the first from our radio stations to arrive, 45 minutes before our scheduled departure, and there were already six eager bikers ready to go. The fleet of two-wheeled participants ( from different clubs ) was amazing. Thank you to EVERYONE that was there with one common purpose, to all ride as one and embrace ( within social distance acceptance of course ) our heroes.



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