If you live in North Bismarck, you're in luck because a Cash Wise is coming!

The location they are going into is on 43rd Avenue just west of highway 83 right by the Ace Hardware. They are one of a couple of places that are moving into that strip mall.  Caribou Coffee is coming as well and a gas/car wash station. 

It's good that the business community is realizing that the area is growing the need for some great chain stores is needed in the area.

For someone who lives just off Skyline, I'm excited!  Not that going to Walmart for groceries isn't convenient, but the selection that only Cash Wise delivers at the prices they charge is second to none in this town. 

According to MYNDNOW.com, the independent buildings should be built by the end of the year, so we do have to wait a bit for this to happen. Look for the first quarter 2019 for the stores to open. What a way to kick off the New Year!

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