Every year, Michigan's New Holland Brewing releases an entire family of IPAs to commemorate their anniversary and, this year, you'll be able to celebrate in Bismarck!

Sickies Garage, located at 3130 N. 14th St. in north Bismarck, and JL Beers, located at 217 N. 3rd St. in downtown Bismarck, will both add numerous New Holland IPAs to their beer menus this week, beginning Tuesday, July 28th, as part of Hatter Days.

On tap at Sickies, you'll find Mad Hatter, White Hatter, Imperial Hatter, Rye Hatter, Oak Hatter, Michigan Hatter, and Tasmanian Hatter, which are all different types of IPAs brewed by New Holland.

JL Beers, on the other hand, will have all of the beers on tap that Sickies has, plus Blue Sunday (a sour ale), Incorrigible (a white sour ale), Pilgrims Dole (a wheatwine), and Night Tripper 2014 (an imperial stout).

To try any and/or all of these different beers from New Holland, visit Sickies Garage or JL Beers before they're gone!

For more on New Holland Brewing and Hatter Days, visit their official website HERE.