On Friday night, Century went head-to-head with Bismarck in the AAA Championship. St. Mary's played Kindred for the AA Championship.

Century's championship victory was their second in a row as they defeated the Demons 27-12 at the Fargodome.

At halftime, Century was up just 6-0 in a first half that was sluggish for both teams. In the second half, the Patriots were able to extend to a 21-0 lead. The third quarter ended at 21-6 and the Patriots picked up one more score in the final frame.

For St. Mary's, they went down early in the second quarter 6-0. But that was all Kindred was able to muster up. The Saints responded on the ensuing possession and then never looked back cruising to an eventual 47-6 victory at the Fargodome.

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