Tis the season to be jolly, and to open up your home and adopt a pet. Simple as that, giving an animal love is THE most rewarding feeling there is - However, the dangers of just "jumping right in without giving any careful thought to the responsibilities of caring for an animal" is REAL. KFYRTV reports that Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue is very busy this time of year, with so many people wanting to surprise their loved ones with a four-legged present - the common thread is this, although the idea of such an amazing gift is awesome, sadly about six months after x-mas the same animals become unwanted for unknown reasons, and are returned back to the shelter. The Moch family started fostering dogs last year, and Ten years old Xander Moch said it perfectly “Like when it comes to the holidays like Christmas and stuff, [people] think that a pet is just something under a [Christmas] tree, like a little puppy. But a puppy isn’t just a present under the tree, that is a lifelong commitment that you’re going to go through,”

Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue founder, Julie Shirado knows just how much interest families have during this time of the season, to bring home an animal to give to a loved one, she also hopes that the returned animal numbers won’t be as high as in years past. The obvious message here is to give it some well planned thought out, and make sure the future of the animal is considered. From my experience, adopting a cat or a dog brings nothing but love and joy - to both you and your new pet.





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