Hecklers are a hazard of the job for comedians, which is why it's so gratifying when a stand-up comic gets the last laugh on these smart alecs.

Comedian Steve Hofstetter was doing a routine about parenting when someone from the audience decided to chime in. As Hofstetter, in an NSFW exchange, says, "Every now and then, a heckler just walks into material." That's exactly what happened here when someone from the audience voices her disapproval when Hofstetter says it takes more effort to order a pizza than to have a child.

The back-and-forth gets a little testy when she questions how much he knows about kids and pizza. Hofstetter then makes a funny helicopter analogy, but ultimately wins the battle when he questions her for not playing football after she says she roots for the Redskins. Just watch the video all the way through and you'll smile because his clever comeback shuts the woman down and does indeed get the last laugh, which he shares with everyone else in the audience.