Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

80's and 90's trivia rocks!

Craftcade, the new bar that has 80's and 90's theme arcade games in it is doing something that's pretty much in line with what they are.

Trivia night! Who doesn't love a little trivia midweek? It wouldn't be cool though at this bar if it's normal trivia .... no, it's gotta be 80's and 90's trivia.

It all happens this Thursday, and who knows, it might turn into a weekly thing for those who know who Streethawk, Airwolf and Nightrider were.

Nothing like stumping some know it all millennial about a decade or two that they barely remember because they were toddlers.

Here's the official word.

Duuude!! 80’s & 90’s Trivia is the best!!

Challenge your friends and find out who knows more!


$20 gift card, The CraftCade T-shirt, A CraftCade Pint Glass set, & More!

Talk about saying it in not so many words...  This event is definitely worth a curiosity visit.

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