First of all, I'm guessing that the old phrase "Turning Up The Heat" may have caught your attention... if that didn't work, how about this one - "Summer Outdoor Party With Live Music" This is what Crossroads Tavern is up to, happening around August 11th! A great idea that combines pretty much a little bit of everything we all love - Let's do the math shall we?

Warm weather, ice-cold beverages, excellent food, and LIVE music...

...those are part of the ingredients that add up to an awesome event. Not to mention a comfortable place to have it at - just past Costco, on your way out of town, you will see Crossroads Tavern on your right-hand side - 1205 Northstar Dr - Fun, affordable drinks, and fantastic food all under one roof. Bingo at 7. You have no excuse NOT to be at Crossroads Tavern on...

Friday - August 11th

"Summer Outdoor Party With Live Music"

8:00 pm - Closing

"32 Below" Will Be Performing outside/back parking lot

Make sure you get your tickets EARLY - Purchase them at Crossroads for only $10, $15 dollars at the door the night of the show.

Now, here is what I would do -  IF I were you...get there early and take advantage of Crossroads Tavern's excellent food - I'm talking 1/2 Rack of Ribs OR their 1/2 Lb of Brisket - and check this out, after you recover from the outdoor party and catch some much-needed Z's, get on back there Saturday night for Prime Rib, which kicks off around 5:00 pm.

Get out and enjoy the summer while we can, time moves way too fast.

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