A North Dakota first has happened in Williston

I know that this is a question that strays just a tad away from the topic, but do you remember the days when we actually had a tiny little bank account book, and we kept track of our savings with a pen? Next thing you know there are ATMs everywhere and now (if you can figure out what they are) Bitcoin machines. Just recently 219 miles away from Bismarck, Williston made the news for a North Dakota first that is now at their airport.

A brand new kiosk is up and running at the Williston Basin International Airport

Ok, before you get all excited, this kiosk does not serve your favorite coffee drinks or attract you with the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls. According to KX NET "A cryptocurrency kiosk was installed at the Williston Basin International Airport, making it the first government-hosted machine at an airport" Now how convenient and sleek does that sound? I'm way ahead of you on your next question.

So what exactly is cryptocurrency?

You probably already know someone that actually does deal with this form of money. If stocks and bonds are way confusing and just plain foreign to you, no doubt this will be also. simple.m.wikipedia.org tells us that "A cryptocurrency is a type of currency which uses digital files as moneyBitcoin, first released as open-source software in 2009. It is often called the first decentralized cryptocurrency"

So are you still confused?

I don't blame you, I am too.

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