"'Tis the season to be jolly - Fa la la la la la la la la, Don we now our HAMMER apparel"

I changed one word from "Deck The Halls", the classic Christmas song we all know and love. Can anybody figure out why I did that? I'll give you a few hints, Old Town Tavern in Mandan and The Miles Of Dog Rescue, A Hammer, and finally Christmas balls.

If you are still in question to what I am talking about, I'll break it down for you

If you are looking for a terrific place to hang out and relax, and take in the whole "neighborhood bar" kind of thing, the Old Town Tavern in Mandan is the perfect place, especially during the holidays. According to KX NET "For the fifth year in a row, Old Town Tavern is giving guests the chance to win a prize by donating $5 to the Miles of Love Dog Rescue" Here is where the hammer comes into play.

Take your time and make your strategic selection OR just a good old fashion lucky guess will do the trick

Every day during the X-mas holidays at Old Town Tavern, KX NET added that "... those who donate can pick a Christmas ball hanging above the bar, smash it with a hammer and find out what they won on a slip of paper inside" Here is the even cooler thing, the prizes have been donated by local businesses, and the bar is trying to raise upwards towards $8,000.

"Christmas For Cody" - The money raised in this event goes to Miles Of Love

This wonderful place is an animal rescue, one such dog named 'Cody', who was rescued from a shelter in another state, about six years ago. So listen, it's "Hammer Time" in Mandan, go out and have some fun.

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