Those burgers are awesome! Here's the scoop: 

The restaurant is looking to open its doors on September 3rd taking up the Bonanza location on East Main Street in Mandan.

Just looking at their menu, DQ might have a little problem with them. The frozen custard that they serve looks really tasty. I wonder if there's going to be a Custard war at the beginning with them.

Staples that are sure to become customer favorites are The Butter Burger, Premium Chicken, and like previously mentioned their frozen custard.

Other delicious items include their Pork Tenderloin sandwich,  cheese curds and different varieties of their Butter Burger. The one I like is their Mushroom Swiss Burger... Yum!

If you would like to see their entire menu you can click here.

It is great to see businesses like this open up in Mandan, there is so much opportunity there. The franchise owners might not just stop there though, apparently, another franchise will be coming to Bismarck as well.


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