It was terrible news the other day. Here's some insight from some of the victim's children. 

Amy Cobb and Briann, two of the four kids that lost their parents this past weekend reflect on what could have been.

"They were true soulmates and as bad as it sounds, I’m happy they were able to go out together," Briann Miller said.

He called me before he went to work, Amy said and she didn't answer the phone. Now she will be ever regretful of that.  She shouldn't be but it's terrible that it will be the last living memory of two loving parents. William and Lois Cobb.

The Cobbs purchased their dream home in North Dakota recently and now will not be able to enjoy it with their family.

The Sisters will be leaving North Dakota soon to search for answers and closure. Hopefully, they find both.  At press time there are still no suspects for this gruesome act. 

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