Ok here's your chance to vote. 

There was a Yelp list that we posted that had the best bars in Bismarck. Obviously, there were some passionate responses to it and with good reason. Most of the DIVE BARS were left off.

Here's what's cool about the dive bar:

  • They got good bands.
  • There's always good music played on the jukebox.
  • The bartenders know you and know what you like.
  • Interesting conversation.
  • The bartenders are very liberal with their pours.
  • Fun things on the bathroom stall.
  • You can still get an Old Milwaukee.

Dive bars have a special place in our heart. There the places where you can be yourself and not worry about being pretentious. There the place where you can hear that metal song that is never played anywhere else.

They are also that place where you can have that biker gathering and no one looks sideways at you.

So, without further ado... Have at it guys! Vote for who's the best!

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