The dreaded friend zone , How to maneuver in it and why its different here in Bismarck

You've heard the label "we're just friends"... Something no straight guy wants to ever hear! She has identified you as the type of guy to hang out with but not have any romantic interest in. Well if you get into that dreaded friend zone, all is not lost, there are ways to get out but in Bismark/ Mandan it just is a little trickier.

I've noticed in other cities,"The Friend Zone" is just a preference for women, a place where they get to know you for a while until that traumatic thing happens and you wind up waking up with her.

Not so here, it seems the friend zone is just that FRIENDS. Unless you want to wind up in the scope of some sniper husband that just got done with his two tours in Iraq.

Yes there is a big military contingent in town here and you better watch out because that friend wife most likely has one of those military husbands. So if you like to gamble with your friend that is a girl, watch out you might wake up in the opening scene of John Wick.

More advice on how to manage this situation ? You can check out an interesting take from

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