So I am sure at one point in your life you have heard that old phrase "Back in my day..."

I guarantee you that phrase "Back in my day..." has been around since the old caveman (woman)  days. A conversation will come up during dinner between an older and younger group of family members, and the elder will compare what it was like when he or she was young. The lack of "this or that" will always come into play. Have you found yourself in this same dilemma?

"When I was your age I had to walk 5 miles to school"

Now I heard that EVEN when I was young, my dad telling me that old sad sack line. Today I refuse to let myself sink into the mentality that my generation had it tougher than the present one now. I would say that there are advantages nowadays with cell phones and social media. Transportation definitely made easier, with just a quick tap-tap on an app, you'll have someone over at your house in like 10 minutes to give you a ride from Bismarck to Mandan. Well, technology is more advanced now, so what? That shouldn't downplay the fact that we are in a faster-paced world with decisions to make that are just as hard or even tougher these days. Drugs are easier to come across, alcohol more accessible. Kids that are facing pressure from their peers here in BisMan have always been an issue and in that aspect that will never change. No matter what generation you are referring to.

Do kids have it tougher now that social media is so rampant?

Video games are extremely violent and can set images into a kid's head. Playing a game where you shoot someone in the head, with the effects so realistic plastered on a big screen TV, tell me how that can be a positive thing? That wasn't around in the "older days". Every generation goes through waves of its own pressures. Today we have COVID-19. So does the younger generation have it soft these days? My answer is no.

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