It is more than understandable when we feel like we are in a rut...

...and that could be with anything. A change of pace, a new look, something to break the rut many of us feel we get in. About three months ago I wrote about a business close to shutting down for good. I Heart Mac & Cheese over at 4521 Ottawa Street owned by Jesse Vetter had been around for about two years - Jesse was ready for a change.

"Time for me to move on..."

At first, this was the sad words he posted on Facebook - "Time for me to move on from the restaurant world. That being said BOTH Pita Pit and I Heart Mac & Cheese are for sale. Serious inquiries only. Please PM me". BUT then a change of HEART ( Ironically part of the name of his restaurant that was and STILL is at 4521 Ottawa Street )


That was THEN, this is NOW...

So take a look at what Jesse has done now. Introducing Crave Bismarck   -     Here is what they have on their Facebook page:

"Hey Bismarck friends! Big news: You may have heard… Your beloved IHM&C has transformed into CRAVE! But that’s not all – we’re bringing a brand-new menu inspired by what YOU, our local community, have been craving.
From classic comforts to bold new flavors, we’ve listened to your requests and can’t wait to share the delicious results. Think of it as our love letter to Bismarck, celebrating the tastes that make our city unique"
Crave Facebook
Crave Facebook

 Like I said before, many of us get excited about something new, however, a lot of us don't see changes right away...
...such as the case in this situation. Just saw a post the other day asking "Whatever happened to the I Heart Mac & Cheese over at 4521 Ottawa Street?" Here is the answer:
"Mac & Cheese Paradise, Deluxe Pizzas, Delicious Grilled Cheese, & Philly Steak. Satisfy Your Craving!"  

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