No one is allowed to drink and drive. Period. You may think you are above the law and can get behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcoholic beverages, Everyone that has "rolled the dice and driven home" after drinking is guilty - they may have reached their destination safely, but the legal limit is ONLY 0.08. Fargo Commissioner Tony Gehrig is upset about an incident that took place on June 17th regarding an issue with drinking and driving.

AMVETS was the scene where police officers were called to

According to the Inforum "Fargo Police Department was called to come out and check on an 'Impaired Person' The bar staff was concerned that an individual (Gehrig) would attempt to drive his motorcycle"The police arrived and found Gehrig outside the establishment, from there they began to talk with him.

A conversation was held concerning Gehrig's ability to drive a vehicle

At point Gehrig actually admitted to being "Impaired" - one of his questions to the officers was whether he was being detained or not - which the answer was that the police were called to the scene to make sure that he wouldn't make the wrong decision. At one point, he apparently threatened to call Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski.  Check out the video from that night.

Fargo Police told him to either take a cab or other means to get home

So Tony Gehrig did the smart thing and arrived home via his two feet. In my mind, the police treated him absolutely 100% fairly - they gave him the respect to make the right move and not make a mistake he could have regretted the rest of his life.








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