This Saturday Bismarck and Mandan are blessed with a fantastic event

This truly is something you don't want to miss, without a doubt the best tribute band you'll ever see. This Saturday at the Bismarck Event Center HAIRBALL will be taking the stage, playing your favorites from Van Halen, Queen, AC/DC, Kiss, Twisted Sister, Cinderella, and the long list of bands continue. When you are standing among all the others who are there enjoying the show, close your eyes for like a minute - it's amazing to hear how Hairball nails every song they duplicate. There is so much going on, it's really more than just a concert, it's a theatre of brilliant costumes, props, bigger staging, and pyrotechnics which all mixed together will blow you off your feet. The one thing that stands out to me is just how much they love to perform, and their passion.

"...Preaching the gospel of rock and roll"

Hairball is coming up on 23 years together as a tribute band. They have the same desire to "bring it" to every city they tour- "Preaching the gospel of rock and roll" is how Dave Moody put it. Dave is one of the lead singers of the band and I had a great time talking to him on the air this morning, his energy and love for what he does is obvious - "We absolutely enjoy what we do, we get to walk in our heroes footsteps. I can tell people all day what it is that we do, BUT until you see it, you just don't understand it..." I couldn't agree with him more. Don't miss this awesome display of respect and devotion, you will LOVE IT!

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