I'm from San Diego, I love sports, I also have cried many tears through dismal seasons, regarding the old Chargers of football, and the Padres of baseball. Trying to emulate your favorite sports hero, comes hand-in-hand when your growing up. Problem being, my favorite teams have never won a World Series championship, or a sleek looking Super Bowl trophy.

When I grew older, I would yell and scream at some of our prospects that were FINALLY going to make our football team a threat. One of them I remember like it was yesterday, This young man WAS IT. Hurry and put a football in his hands, and let's START winning. We never did, and this wanna be superstar was booed relentlessly. We, as local supporters, HATED this guy, until he disappeared. We somehow moved on to other lousy players/teams that followed suit. The flunkee lame young man that was drafted so high back in the 1988 season, never did become what so many people predicted. His cocky attitude and unaccurate right throwing arm got chewed up and spatted out by the National Footbal League. When he left the game for good, the only thing that came to mind was "GOOD RIDDANCE" ( and several other curse words thrown in ).

My choices of inspiration now comes in different ways, and it doesn't come in a uniform. What motivates me now more than ever, are stories of people who overcome personal demons, those that literally rise above the ashes, and who have gained strength by their own life changes. It's easy to give up on yourself, when so many others have as well. The young man that filled me with so much HATE years ago, is now someone that is larger than life.He is a role model to a tee.  Do me a favor, take a second and meet Ryan Leaf.



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