It seemed like drug overdoses and fatalities were on the decline since 2018. While that is true for most of the nation, unfortunately, it appears that drug overdoses and fatalities are still a real issue for the Bismarck area. It's only three months into 2020, and we've already seen more drug-related fatalities, in Bismarck, than there were in all of 2019.

According to KX News, the amount drug overdoses and fatalities are (slowly) decreasing in North Dakota and around the nation. However, the city of Bismarck has seen an increase in drug-related deaths. This is a concerning ordeal for police, especially considering the efforts put in to prevent death-by-overdose.

The statistics reported by KX News state that, in Bismarck, there were 22 overdoses in 2017, 21 overdoses in 2018, and 36 overdoses with four fatalities 2019. So far, in 2020, there have been 12 overdoses, and six resulted in death. Authorities and state officials have been working overcoming this horrific problem for over a decade.

You can get the full story and more drug overdose information here.



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