It looks like he's getting off on the right foot. 

5th round draft pick and perennial national champion Easton Stick took the field for the first time as an LA Charger and showed his new team what he can do.

Head Coach Anthony Lynn was impressed :

"He looked good, especially on the move,” Lynn said. “I liked some of the things that he did. I thought he had a good day."

It was pretty surprising when he got on the field for the first time and bumped into center Tanner Volson his old center at NDSU who signed on as a free agent.

"It makes it easier going out on the grass and you're not worried about the quarterback-center exchange,” Stick said. “That stuff was good. It's awesome having a familiar face. It just makes the transition maybe a little bit more comfortable. Tanner is awesome. He has worked really hard to get here, so I'm excited for him."

A battery of the future? Hmmm, you never know.

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