I'm sure you probably have the same mindset as I do

As comfortable as it is living here in Bismarck, it sure is nice getting away for a vacation. Whether it's for a full week or just a couple of days, helps "charge your batteries" so to speak. Of course, you can get in your car and head out of town for a bit, but isn't it way more convenient and luxurious to jump on a plane and relax? Take away all the hassles of a longer trip - hey, take a long ( or short ) nap, wake up and you'll be at your destination thanks to Allegiant.

Act quickly on this, days are counting down 

Here is the Bismarck Airport Facebook page posted just 5 days ago:

"It's the final countdown! T-minus 7 days until our new, nonstop service to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport begins with Allegiant. Don't miss your chance to be among the first to utilize this new route. Book your tickets now at www.allegiant.com #FlyBIS"   So what do you think? Will this lead to other nonstop service flights to other parts of the country? So I'm guessing this could be an easy conversation piece to plan your whole family trip out to Tampa Bay.


Tampa Bay The Easy Way!

"Tampa Bay The Easy Way! Enjoy non-stop, low-cost airlines and a relaxing, conveniently located airport" Make sure you don't miss out on this, the doors are counting down. You owe yourself and your family a relaxing quick getaway - plus there is nothing better than coming home.

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