Remember sports reporter Andy Fales? The one who insulted NDSU and the entire state of North Dakota, calling us "the most forgettable state in the country"? Well, he's back, and he has another message for us "half-frozen Norwegians".

Fales has become public enemy #1 in the eyes of North Dakotans, and after NDSU's historic fourth straight FCS championship, fans demanded he acknowledge the school's football dominance. And he did. While trashing our entire state once again.

For over three minutes, Fales takes aim at the Bison, sarcastically congratulating the team on their championship win ("Division 1-AA"), packing the stands ("a soccer stadium"), with fans wearing green and yellow ("looked like boogers and pee"). He also fails to acknowledge the impressive four-year run the team is on, saying only the people of North Dakota are "real impressed".

In light of his Iowa State Cyclones notching just two measly wins this year, it's probably safe to say this is just an outlet for Fales to express his jealousy over how a real football program operates.