I've never spent time in jail, nor have I ever been handcuffed (knock on wood that I never will), the closest I've come to prison is from my television set or at the theatres. How many movies or documentaries have you seen where prisoners talk about contraband freely? I was always fascinated by just how they come across it.

You ever wonder how is it possible they are able to get drugs inside?

Well, I think I now know a conceivable way, with the help of someone who just may have an inside track. According to KX Net "A former employee of the North Dakota State Penitentiary has been accused of smuggling drugs and electronics into the prison for an inmate in exchange for money". Now that makes things a little more understandable.

"You can get almost anything you want in jail"

That's what someone told me years ago when I went to a recovery home for men in San Diego. A resident there who did time behind bars told me that it's not as difficult as you would think getting drugs or a cell phone smuggled in - it's who you know. "You can get almost anything you want in jail," he said. This is what Matthew Taylor has been accused of, and arrested for. KX Net reports that evidence so far shows that Taylor "..received payments of $240 and $660" from a woman to deliver items such as "..cellphone, two SIM cards and a cigarette package" to an inmate inside the prison.

No matter what we see and hear through social media can fully detail what exactly happens inside the walls of a prison.

I can't imagine anyone feeling that being incarcerated could be anything less than terrifying. Your freedom is cut short and for good reason - to eventually gain back a somewhat normal life again should be your only goal.






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