I started noticing this last year, during CODID-19. Every time I would drive through a certain fast-food restaurant, there always seemed to be an issue with change. As in currency, money.

"I'm sorry, we are short on quarters"

I was told by one of the drive-thru window employees last year that rolls of quarters, and other small coins, were becoming hard to get from their bank. This guy told me at the time that the bank had limited their supply of daily change. Apparently, this was going on all around the country, even some places here in BisMan - which I discovered.

No big deal - I'll be extra prepared next time

I can adapt no problem, next time I went by the eatery, I was equipped with a whole arsenal of quarters dimes, nickels, and pennies even, in my right pocket. So what if I tilted way to the right when I walked around with all that small stuff. Like everything else that hit us last year, this problem seemed to fade away.

Exact change, exact change only - unless you are forced to leave a little more

Lately, I have found a couple of places that are testing my patience with something that really gets right down to it - "Right now we are only taking EXACT CHANGE" - here is my thought on this, this business is going to make out a little better, right? For example, my order was $8.28 - I had only a $5.00 dollar bill and four single one-dollar bills. There is no way they are going to get stuck short, so I just said forget it and gave them $9.00. A cozy 72 cent profit for them.

Have you come across this same situation here in town?

After talking to our engineer, there are more than just a couple of places that are having issues with a change shortage. Have you come across any yourself? A penny for your thoughts!



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