Interesting hunting story from this tough North North Dakota girl. 

Her family went on a safari in South Africa and consequently, she wound up with a very big catch.

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The 12-year-old nicknamed Peach just learned how to use a crossbow in the field and here's the result.

I just did that?'

Peach said before they went on safari, she wasn’t sure what a wildebeest was.

“I didn’t even know it was an animal, but I saw it was really pretty, and cool,” she said.

The day she hunted, she spent about 45 minutes learning how to use a crank crossbow before she and her brother and mom and dad piled into a jeep with a hunting guide.

They drove around the preserve for a bit, then settled into a hunting blind to get Peach set up. “I was standing on two crates, because I wasn’t tall enough for the hole,” she said.

The guide helped her balance the bow on a stand to keep it steady. She aimed through a scope with a little help from the guide, who used a laser pointer to show her where to shoot.

When the wildebeest stopped in its tracks, Peach fired, striking the animal in the shoulder.

It ran off with other wildebeest around it, and the group spent about two hours tracking it before she finished it off with her brother’s rifle.

“I was really excited, and I was just kind of like, shocked, like, I just did that?” Peach said.

What a great catch and memory for this young girl! I would've like to see her finish it off with her rifle as well.  The Wildebeest was 600 pounds, not bad for a 75-pound girl.


Even our kids are tough in this state!

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