We are in the year 2020, right? Just checking, making sure. I would think that ignorance would have disappeared years ago. I've always found certain things shocking, coming across people, having a conversation, and someone spits out a vulgar comment. When that happens, it's like someone dropping a bowling ball from four stories up. The thud, the weight of a distasteful word-hits me hard. I find it awkward from the split second I hear it, I want nothing to do with that person or persons who delivered their filth.

When you are in the eyes of social media, certain things will eventually seap out-like RACISM, and WHEN it does, we are left with our own judgements. Some may just blow it off, or try and sweep it under the rug, so to speak. I mean, after all, it was a mistake, a slip of the toungue. I don't buy it, the THOUGHT was BEHIND the comment, or word that came out. The THOUGHT is centered around someone's skin color, and the WORD used is an expression of HATE.

I've never met Kyle Larson. I'm not labeling him guilty nor am I wishing him all the worst. I do know, that he has admitted his error, and in return is paid back by his EX-employer. That's justice in my book. Click here for more on this story.



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