A famous American writer Mark Twain once said this about one of the most frustrating, difficult sporting events around "Golf is a good walk spoiled."  That's a pretty accurate statement, for the most part, but for some people, it's an intense packed day of a trillion emotions. Take Dave Schultz from Fargo, ND for instance. Last Saturday at the Fargo Country Club, he and several of his friends teed off in the morning on a course Dave is very familiar with. The year was 2006, and the Fargo native went out and captured the North Dakota Open. His father Ed Schultz had many times walked the links and played every inch of the course, as a matter of fact, his father celebrated with him that special day as a 12- year- old - he hit a hole-in-one on the par 3 12th hole. That is the mecca for all golfers - GOOD and lousy to dream of, scoring an ace, walking over and picking the ball up out of the hole. It's magic, and Dave had three more one-shot beauties in his career until he stepped up to the 12th hole once again Saturday, with soggy conditions, and he was perfect once more. The emotions came flooding out, with a rainbow over-head, his thoughts were with his dad.

Ed had passed away two years ago, yet on this magical day, he was right there with his son again, fighting the wind and rain. The INFORUM said it best Fargo golfer's ace helps him set a course record with his guardian angel guiding the wayWith the hole-in-one ball safely put away, to keep forever, Dave Schultz went on to finish his round with a course record 62, but what he will remember the rest of his life will be the special bond he and his dad shared on a "good walk spoiled" last Saturday afternoon.

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