A Holiday That celebrates the fathers in our lives.

Father’s day really isn't publicized as much as the mother's counterpart and for the reason of the nature of DAD. The Fathers are the guys that just get er done.  Cut and dry, blue collar, go to work, fix this, and help with that, without emotion.

Not that Dad's aren't emotional, it's just that a lot of them don't show it as much. Their jobs though as parents are as important as the mothers are in the child's life and development.

The Mother is always there of course but it's critical for the father to have a role as well. Disciplining, teaching and helping the children grow the right way 

According to a great Fox News article when fathers aren't around, everybody suffers.  The destructive behavior that happens in society today can be attributed somewhat to fatherlessness or improper fathering. 

No one really talks about that, the impact of the Father in the family dynamic. Why it's important for fathers to be available in their children's life. I guess they do only on father’s day. 

Anyway, whether you've had a good or bad relationship with your father, hopefully, you've reached out and wished him a happy father’s day. If he was around, he probably deserved as much. 

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