Three more men have been arrested in relation to the Capitol riots that took place in Washington, D.C. in early 2021.

Thanks to social media and public tips, Brian Christopher Mock and Daniel and Daryl Johnson were caught.

According to Grand Forks Herald, Daniel Johnson had posted a video to his Snapchat, saying "I was one of the first ones inside the capitol building." The report then states that Daniel and his father, Daryl, are alleged to have talked about it on Facebook. There is also reported bodycam footage of Brian Christopher Mock allegedly shoving and kicking a couple of officers - he was identified by an individual after the FBI asked for public assistance in finding him.

I am not justifying violence, but rioting over an election loss is not comparable to rioting over life loss. When someone is murdered, it makes sense to see some extreme uproar - especially when the victim is a part of a marginalized community. When a person loses a Presidential race, it makes no sense to see violence at our nation's capital.

I wonder what people thought as they were storming the United States Capitol? What would ever be accomplished by causing a ruckus over being mad about a Presidential election? And did none of these people realize that they would most likely end up on nationwide news?

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