Up until last Sunday, Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Kirk Cousins had an incredible run going for him

Kirk Cousins in his 12-year career had never missed a game because of injury - according to ESPN.com "He did sit out a game at Green Bay during the 2021 season because of a positive COVID-19 test" That is an incredible statistic. Whether you are a fan of his or not you have to admire and respect his durability - think about this- 150 football games he played in, and walked off the field ready for the next week.    Last Sunday in Green Bay, Vikings fans held their breath, twice.

Two consecutive plays in the 4th quarter brought down a giant

In the 4th quarter with the Vikings ahead of one of their hated rivals, in Green Bay, Kurt Cousins found himself sacked two plays in a row, the last one saw him walking slowly off the field. No one knew at that time however the severity of his condition. Then the bad news was announced. Kirk Cousins's season was over  - an Achilles Injury. Soon after the announcement the flooding of social media comments saying that his time with the Minnesota Vikings was over for good - at 35 years of age, and about to enter the adventurous world of free agency, nobody seemed to be holding their breath again.

With purple all around him, an upbeat courageous, unshaved smiling figure gave the "thumbs up" sign in his hospital room.. Here is what he posted on Twitter:

"Surgery was a success! Grateful for your prayers, Dr. Coetzee’s abilities, and our medical team. Would appreciate continued prayers! One day at a time…"

His attitude has always been to never give up - to suit up and give it your absolute best each and every week - his work ethic has never been questioned and his desire to win has always been admired. Sure his future is uncertain at this point, but the flame of his desire will never fizzle out.

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