I say without a doubt they ( Minnesota Vikings ) make that an immediate priority

I have repeated this amazing statistic probably a million times to several nay-sayers who say Kirk Cousins was an average quarterback in the National Football League - at best. Some people rate others on a pretty high scale, in other words, their argument is "Did Kirk ever WIN the Super Bowl?" - they seem to overlook some valuable assets that Cousins has shown, like consistency for one thing. I point out the fact that Cousins, until this season, had never missed a game because of injury in his 12-year career. His contract ends at the end of March - at that point, he will be a free agent - he is 35 years old. Will he continue to wear purple and gold?

Good news for Skol fans

Once again I hope that the Vikings act smart on this, and it appears they are off to a good start, according to espn.com " The Minnesota Vikings and Kirk Cousins will start their franchise-altering contract negotiations on the same page...Vikings general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah reiterated with his strongest language yet Wednesday that he wants the quarterback to return" Kirk Cousins has made it clear that he wants to end his career as a Viking. So now we wait and see if both Kirk and the Minnesota Vikings can come up with a fair deal for everyone. After all, with his age, he may just have a couple of years left in him. He has it all, attitude, work ethic, and leadership - now close the deal!


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