Let me repeat...Here is why the Minnesota Twins will WIN the World Series ( let me add THIS YEAR )...OK WELL I MEANT NEXT YEAR

First of all, let me get something straight right from the start, I am NOT jumping on the Minnesota Twins bandwagon - no sir. I am a die-hard San Diego Padre fan. I've had way too many experiences of lost seasons and zero World Championships. Minnesota on the other hand, has beaten the world 2 times - The first year was in 1987 and then 1991. I believe they will add another banner this year.

Vegas oddsmakers aren't being too friendly

Back on October 5th, 2023 - there were only 8 teams left in the hunt, after the wild card playoffs. "Vegas oddsmakers are picking Atlanta to win it all, and the Twins are not even close - but what the hell do the pompous Vegas know-it-alls know? There is more to baseball than just winning 104 games in a 162-game season ( almost 20 more than the Twins did ) - there is HEART and MOTIVATION - that's what will drive the Twins to a World Series title. Before this past Tuesday, according to ESPN.com  "They suffered the longest postseason run of losses in Major American professional sports"  It wasn't pretty, their last win was October 5th, 2004 - wow.

"That's all behind them now, they have WON two in a row and are heading to Houston..."

Well, we all watched Houston win the series 3 games to 1 - and THE most amazing thing is, the teams that were the favorites to go far, ( Atlanta, Los Angeles) collapsed, and the underdogs -  Texas Rangers and the Arizona Diamondbacks - met in the World Series - The Rangers won it all for its first championship title.

Here are the current odds that espn.com


So, now that the "monkey is off their backs" ( whatever that means )...

...that is WHY I believe the Minnesota Twins will WIN IT ALL...NEXT YEAR! I'm not a baseball scout, and I don't have any bona fide reasons WHY I predict a World Championship for the Twins, but it's always best to THINK positive, right?


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