Sure has been a lousy, confusing, mixed-up world lately The Month of March produced many thoughts of frustration, secluding and surrendering to the coronavirus. Our minds drifted to May where summer takes over - barbeque's with the family, long day's into warmer nights - sounds of lawnmowers cutting through the air, and of course America's past time- Baseball. The restrictions of all the COVID-19 codes and such have really put a burden on what we have all taken for granted. There is nothing like a lazy summer day, taking in a ball game - the smell of the hot dogs, and the crack of the bat - some may say that baseball is too slow, boring if you will. I agree that at times the game lags, but ironically that's what I miss so much. The game gives you enough time to analyze the situation, you know, like what you would do if you were the coach. That's pretty complex though, most people go for the ice-cold beer, and just being part of a social environment, maybe even catching a foul ball.

When things got bleak just recently, a young man by the name of SkylerJablonski Strand and his mom Mikayla refused to believe there would be no baseball this summer, the Bismarck high senior put together a charming event called "The Sandlot Showdown" - played last Friday and Saturday - check out a re-cap here.

All the participants, families involved - thanks to the "Love of the game" that Skylar has. The Bismarck Larks just announced Tuesday that they will hit the diamond as soon as June 15th. Of course, things will look different at the ballyard with new health guidelines and such. The coronavirus has flexed its muscles pushing people around right and left, but the sport we all love will continue, slowly. For more on this head here.



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