I have found that I am a creature of habit, like so many others. Weekday mornings I get up at the same time, and it's out the door half-hour later for work - heck I doubt if I'm ever 3-4 minutes off my routine. The same basic thing happens later on in the day when I lace up my walking shoes after work and head out for my walk around my neighborhoods in Bismarck. I see the same people either heading towards me or across the street taking off in the other direction. I give the nod or friendly wave - the silent, positive "what's up?" gestures.

I have also found that our world becomes so intense sometimes and that we lose touch with the little things in life that mean so much, like staying in contact with a good friend. I'm lucky to have someone that I talk to once a week on the phone that shares the same interest with me. We both try and lift one another up, staying positive and living a sober life. From North Dakota to California, the distance separates us, but our friendship remains strong - this is an important thing to me. Take a second to think about how you rely on your friends, and what is your routine? Do you take in a Larks game once a week in the summer? What makes your relationship with your unique? Whatever it may be, try not and take for granted any time that you have with your friend/friends. This is a video of two friends who have a special way of staying in touch - because everyone has their own way of relaxing and spending time together, even if it's for a one-second high five. Head to brobible.com more on this awesome story.

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