Viral video star and former KFYR anchor AJ Clemente is setting his sights on a new career in 2014: Teaching.

Of course, you all remember Clemente from his short-lived stint on KFYR, which ended with him saying "f*cking sh*t" live on the air during his first newscast. Clemente took the world by storm after his now infamous incident, appearing on 'The Today Show', 'The Late Show with David Letterman', and 'Live with Kelly and Michael'. After that, though, Clemente was back searching for work and he hopes 2014 will give him a new start.

In a recent interview with Tuned In, Clemente discussed moving back to New York City to teach a seven week course in broadcasting:

It’s to help high school international students. They have passion for the media industry and I’m just trying to help them out as I’m trying to proceed with my career.

Because, who better to teach young international students about the joys of broadcasting than a guy who became famous for cursing during his first ever broadcast?!

We'd like to wish AJ good luck in his new career. He's going to need it, as are his students.

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