Well, here I am, sitting behind my desk at work when I should be setting the course record at Hawktree Golf Club. NO, I didn't quit after playing nine holes - that's not my style (usually it's because I run out of golf balls). Today was 96-5 The Fox's FREE Friday Golf Debut! Thanks to our sponsor Golf Etc, we are going to play golf in and out of Bismarck for two months - Almost every Friday we will take two groups of four and play some awesome courses - LIKE Today - Golf.com has named Hawktree Golf Club the 100th best golf course in the United States.

The forecast for today was HOT, HOT, AND HOT. I believe at one point we reached 102 degrees. Our winners for Free golf showed up, we all gathered to listen to Mike Herzog, head professional - he gave us some quick course management, and off we went. My riding partner was Scott McGowan, from Cool 98.7. All the pre-bragging I preached to everyone beforehand, didn't quite pan out - Scott teed off on Hole 3 (a downhill par 3, around 164 yards) - Here is where his shot landed (sadly he missed the putt...kidding)

Scott McGowan
Scott McGowan

As we finished hole 7, we all noticed what looked like a fire, not too far away. The day was windy, and the smoke was trailing to the right - One of us thought it was a controlled fire, we quickly ruled that out. All of our group debated on what to do, shall we continue on our goal to set the course record, or head back to the clubhouse - That decision was made for us, as a message went up on everyone's GPS screen on their cart - please head on back. Scott and I paused to record a short FB Live video...

Back under the tent, at the 19th Hole, Scott took this quick video.....

So, to sum up the day, The course record is still intact at Hawktree Golf Club, we all had a wonderful time, played an immaculate golf course, and experienced mother nature putting an end to my streak of double-bogey's.


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