I've been living in Bismarck now for almost a year and a half, literally, the day after I settled in, COVID-19 arrived. Now I'm not going to use that as an excuse for NOT seeing all the wonderful places there are so close to us - I'm just so lazy sometimes. However, just last week I owe a huge thanks to Golf Etc, our sponsors of Fox's Free Friday Golf - We had a tee-time set-up last Friday at Red Trail Links in New Salem. Only like a half-hour drive from Mandan, on the way out there it was raining pretty heavy - thank God for that, since we could use a week straight of it.

Getting off the highway in New Salem, golf wasn't looking too promising. I slowly made my way out to the course, when for some stupid reason my GPS on my phone yelled at me to make a right - so I did. On a gravel road, I came across a small little tiny roof - with a sign that read "Welcome To Salem Sue" - I had not a clue what that meant, you see it was sprinkling and my eyes were focused straight forward, not upwards. As I continued, I smartly realized that I was starting to climb up a narrow winding hill. "Interesting, the golf course must be up at the top of this hill" 

How stupid I felt when I rounded that last bend and saw an enormous black and white cow - facing the valley below.

When I finally arrived at Red Trail Links, our golfers surrendered to Mother Nature and rescheduled for next week. I very much look forward to stopping by and seeing my new buddy.

Salem Sue ROCKS!


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