This man, THIS human being has been one of my heroes for a while now

His name is Jelly Roll - you may know him for having an amazing voice and being an engaging entertainer. He is also a large man, in more ways than just his physical appearance. He is a confident, polite man with life experience - what I mean by that is he has faced the demons of addiction and is doing something about it. Just recently this famous well-known celebrity took a stand ( well yes he was sitting down ) in Washington, D.C., and addressed the Fentanyl Crisis in front of the U.S. Congress.

I became a fan of Jelly Roll last year around July when he was in Minot, North Dakota

"A Class Act all the way" - many people will agree to that, before his show at the North Dakota State Fair, he stopped by Dakota Boys And Girls Ranch to share a song or two and his experience. As he was growing up in Nashville, Tennessee he found himself hanging with the wrong crowd, getting arrested for possession of pot and attempted robbery.

 “I was a part of the problem. I am here now, standing as a man that wants to be a part of the solution"

That was part of the testimony he delivered to the U.S. Congress this month in support of anti-fentanyl legislation. Here is what Jelly Role posted on his Facebook back on January 11th:

"Thank you to the Chairman Senator Brown And Senator Scott for allowing me to speak on behalf of the broken in todays hearing. I pray this message is the beginning of a real change and awareness when it comes to Fentanyl and Drug Addiction in America"

C-SPAN YouTube

An amazing guy who cares for others - he is a recovering addict - and he knows how important it is to give back. HE is impossible not to respect, for he could just slip away and disappear behind large mansion walls, but he chooses to fight a dangerous deadly foe. Like I said before, Jelly Roll is one of my heroes.

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