Well, it looks like Disney can check one item off their New Year’s Resolution list so far. The company has announced that Frozen II has officially become the highest grossing animated movie ever. Disney Animation Studios’ sequel to Frozen has amassed a domestic total of $450 million, making for a global total of nearly $1.32 billion.

This shouldn’t come as any surprise, considering Disney also holds the title for the second and third highest grossing animated films (Frozen at $1.28 billion and Incredibles 2 at $1.24 billion). Still, it’s fairly uncommon for such an monstrous hit to be followed up by an even bigger one. But Frozen isn’t like other movies. Since its 2013 debut, the franchise has sustained its own weather system in unprecedented ways. From Disney theme park tie-ins to Broadway, Frozen has always existed outside of its movie realm. No matter where you are, no matter what you do, Frozen has its way of finding you. Imagine driving down Beverly Boulevard in Hollywood and being halted by Idina Menzel’s crosswalk performance of "Let It Go". There’s really no escaping it.

Disney also became the first studio to pass $10 billion in global sales in a single calendar year in 2019. Frozen II contributed largely to this milestone, although it was Avengers: Endgame that earned Disney the most at $2.79 billion globally. Avengers: Endgame became the highest grossing movie of all time, pushing James Cameron’s Avatar down to #2.

Disney hasn’t revealed any plans for a "Frozen III" yet. But with the financial success of Frozen II, a threequel might just become the next right thing.

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