So the Supreme court has kicked the right to gamble back to the states yesterday and It'll be interesting to see if anything changes in town. 

Judging by the fact that I can play a hand of blackjack in any bar in town probably not though.

I still haven't seen a sportsbook though or spoke to a bookie in town so I wonder if there are regulations against it. Judging by my research I guess so. Where I'm from, you can put in a football bet with your cousin at school or the local bookie but I guess you have to call Vegas in this town or bet online.

I would be curious to see if we're able to do that in the near future with the federal government finally getting out of the way and how that would affect the casinos or any type of gambling establishment for that matter.

If you would like to see the Supreme court's decision explained in layman's terms here it is. 


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