Hanson's Bar in Robinson, ND has earned national attention, as it recently appeared in the famous newspaper, the Wall Street Journal.

Back in October, we told you about Hanson's Bar took over the claim as the "Geographical Center of North America." Now, it's earning some national attention by a reputable news source.

As mentioned previously, Robinson's tavern, Hanson's Bar, has taken over the claim from Rugby, ND. Last month, Rugby reapplied for the trademark. They've had the rights to the claim since the 1960s, that is until their trademark lapsed in 2009.

With Rugby residents up in arms over Hanson's Bar in Robinson taking over their long-owned trademark, the Rugby Chamber of Commerce has even gone as far as hiring a state's attorney by the name of Galen Mack, in order to put together a case against the mayor of Robinson, Bill Bender, who also owns Hanson's Bar.

It seems there is an ongoing battle as to where the real "Geographical Center of North America" resides. You can find the full national story from the WSJ here.