If you're really into German food and beer, German days starts tomorrow downtown.

According to BismarckGermandays.com,  here are some highlights of the events that will be taken place. :

  • There is a Ceremonial keg tapping (Oh Boy!) Thursday night.
  • Friday evening we have Stein Hoisting hosted by Dee Daniels of the Fox
  • For the kids, there's kinder fest on Saturday afternoon.

I'll be broadcasting Live from 5-7pm from the Depot Thursday night and checking out the beers that will be available for the event. German beer is very hearty and flavorful. Their dark beers are great as well as their pilsners and their bready Hefeweizens.

One thing I'm interested in is the quality of Bratwurst that will be available because nothing goes better with a stein of beer than a nice bratwurst with hot mustard!

Yes, the German music is important as well as the German art and traditional clothing. All of those things can be enjoyed though, with a nice Helis!  Prost!





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