He calls himself a "Travel Influencer" - I say "So what???"

So this guy's name is Lee Abbamonte. He is 45 years old and one of his trademarks is "he has traversed all fifty states so you don't have to" - Well what if I do? Why is this guy such an expert in his breakdown of each state? That's what I would like to know.

Just recently he put out a "List" of his preferred states, ranked best to worst.

According to dailymail.co "Fear not, weary travelers - influencer Lee Abbamonte has traversed all fifty so you don't have to. In a post to Instagram, the 45-year-old laid out the lot of them in preferential order, so you know where to head first" He calls it the best of the best...


...1) California - "...because 'it simply has everything"  2) Colorado -The literal 'coolest' place out of Abbamonte's top five is none other than Colorado, which claimed the second-to-best spot thanks to its topographical versatility. 3) Utah - Next up was none other than Utah - another state known for its stunning scenery, iconic parks, and powdery snowfall.  4) Arizona  - Abbamonte said he loves Arizona's 'desert scenery' - and, of course. it's another state that has everything"   5) Hawaii  -  surprising that this is way down his top 5 list

So are you curious about his bottom list?

48) Kentucky - "The Bluegrass State may be blessed with a lot of horse-riding and fishing, but such activities are not for everyone - Obviously by the look of this clown he doesn't participate in those activities. 49) Kansas   - "The only thing I love about Kansas is they have the best college basketball arena in America in Lawrence, where the University of Kansas is," - really? That's the only thing he likes about Kansas? I can't wait to hear what his least favorite state is.

50) North Dakota     "The absolute worst state to visit - according to Abbamonte - is none other than North Dakota, largely due to its inaccessibility. Known for its notorious Badlands - and being where the buffalo roam - the landlocked state sports some impressive agriculture, but again, not much else. That said, it ranked low simply due to how long it takes to get there.'When you fly to North Dakota from other states, you usually have to take connecting flights,' Abbamonte explained. 'There's not a lot going on there.'   ..........You're absolutely right Mr. Fancy Pants, so please do us a favor and not come back here again.

Do I feel bad that this so-called traveling expert has ranked North Dakota LAST? Not one bit - he hasn't been here through our change of seasons - when spring kicks off summer - when the leaves turn brown as our temperatures slowly drop. He hasn't sat in the sun alongside the Missouri River watching families walk by. He has no clue what it's like when you have a flat tire on the side of the road, and within 3 minutes at least 10 people pull over to see if you need any help.

That's called "North Dakota Nice" - Pretty special if you ask me.



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