Bummed out about being busted in the past for marijuana possession?

Turn that frown upside down and get you a pardon from the Governor. Yup, fill out a page and a half application for free and your record could be free of weed.

The Bismarck Tribune recently reported that North Dakota's Pardon Advisory Board has just recommended their second round of marijuana pardons to Gov. Doug Burgum.

Here's the crazy part- there's just 26 applicants in this second round and only 26 applicants in the first round!  Why is that crazy? Because this is what the AG told the Tribune-

Republican Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, who sits on the board, has said he believes criminal penalties and consequences should be proportionate to the offense.

He also has said he's seen people with minor marijuana-related convictions struggle to find housing and employment. As many as 175,000 cases going back decades could be eligible for pardons.


So maybe put down the pipe for a minute and go to this link and see if you can't get that past conviction off your record. Could be a conviction from your younger and wilder days which are way behind you now.  Could be you still like a smoke or two and haven't run across the law since the conviction. Look, these days employers, landlords, boy friends, girl friends, future in-laws, that jerk at work that doesn't like you, and well EVERYONE now is a social snoop! Y'all just can't help yourselves. That conviction could have already been getting in your way and you didn't even know it.

So do yourself a favor and apply to get it off your record.  It's not often second chances are offered FOR FREE.


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