Life can throw many curve balls at you, it's how you stay in the box and take your swings is the best approach to any situation

Running a business has got to be one of the hardest things to do. You have opportunities to succeed and be successful, and on the flip-side unforeseen problems can ruin everything you have worked hard for. Glasser Images was a company here in Bismarck, proving many newly married couples lifelong memories of videos and professional pictures. Back in October, one day they were open, and the very next day they shut their doors closed for good. It all happened it seemed overnight.

There were many customers left in the dark

If you can imagine your worst nightmare unraveling, this is how it went. Couples had put some deposits down for Glasser Images to capture every vital detail on film on the special day of their wedding. That's one of the first things you make sure of when you are planning and arranging everything. Just recently a judge ordered that Glasser Images owner Jack Glasser "preserve evidence" to his business. Hundreds of people were affected by this.

The first time that the owner speaks publicly about the unfortunate events

According to KFYRTV Jack Glasser spoke out publicly for the first time since his company closed abruptly, apologizing to everyone concerned. "Glasser posted a statement on social media apologizing to the “hundreds of people... impacted.” In it, he says he wanted to give an update on how he’s trying to make the situation right"

Another victim of the pandemic

Glasser also mentioned that he was unprepared for the calamity caused by the pandemic. When certain things cause your world to be turned upside down, it takes guts to stand tall and own up to it. Taking that next step and doing what you can to correct and make things right, spells integrity.


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