This story has everything a Hollywood producer looks for

A beautiful young couple from Grand Forks, North Dakota had set their wedding date ( July 2021 )  families and friends waiting in the wings to embrace the moment. All the details have appeared to have been taken care of, a fairy-tale story indeed. The two say "I do" and off they go as man and wife - Bryce and Brianne O'Neill. The horrors came later, and this is when the "script" turned unbelievable.

Glasser Images crushed so many couples with their business that crumbled

Without a doubt, one of the most vital parts of a wedding is the photographer. This person will capture all your memories of a perfect day to be filled in a wedding album to be cherished forever. Bryce and Brianne chose Glasser Images to be there on that special day - they were told some specific details - reported "They say Glasser Images told them no other pictures were allowed, meaning cell phones were to be kept away" - The sole responsibility of taking ALL the pictures rested on the shoulders of Glasser Images. Here came the problem, out of nowhere Glasser closed their doors for good in October 2021. All the smiles, hugs, "you may kiss the bride" and other precious moments were gone, the couple also lost "... a quarter of their wedding budget that went to photography is gone..." Complete devastation.

Dr. Phil brought tears to a grateful couple

Yesterday on the Dr.Phil show, the young couple sat in front of a studio audience and a television camera and told their story of pain and frustration. Dr. Phil had a surprise for them - with the help of Rachel LaCour Neisen, the chief product officer at ShootProof, photo albums graced with all their wedding pictures were handed over to them, as the happy couple's tears began. A powerful end to a tragic event that ruined so many other Glasser Images customers.

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