Oh to be in this young lady's shoes

I have been in this situation a trillion times, I walk into a casino telling myself I WILL only play with $100 dollars - something like that - before I know it I'm at the ATM withdrawing more money - with one main purpose, to get my money back. That usually ends up in even more pain and sorrow. Can you relate to what I just said OR are you one of those types that goes in with a couple of nickles and dimes in their purse, throws in a quick 50 cents in a slot machine, and WINS BIG? A Dickinson woman just recently had that same kind of luck.

This is a different kind of luck involving the LOTTERY

Then again this story will probably irk those who play and who have the same numbers for years without winning more than a dollar here and there - according to kxnet.com a woman from Dickinson came into the North Dakota Lottery office here in Bismarck to pick up her good fortune -$600 bucks - unbelievably she made a mistake. "Her ticket was from the October 7 draw. She checked it at a lottery retailer and thought her winning numbers added up to $600. When she arrived at the Lottery office, she learned she made a mistake — her $600 ticket was actually worth $150,000 when the numbers were officially verified"

She let it be known she was going shopping when she left the office

You see, some people are destined to win, but others like myself are more prone to two empty pockets hanging out of my pants.



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