Do you ever come across some people who have a hard time being happy?

I mean most of the time you can see it on their face. I'm always amazed at those who take life as it is and strive forward - staying positive. Look I'm right there with you when it comes to having those days when everything goes wrong - from the early morning when you step on another dog's offering barefooted while walking YOUR pet - to the end of the day when you find one of your tires flat after work - but there are those people that CAN maintain a smile though all of that. For some though, all they need is a nice uplifting snack to make their day....OR NOT

Last Saturday George Demarrias walked into a Bismarck McDonald's...

...looking to make himself and his stomach smile - according to "...September 30, when Demarrias approached him asking if the customer could buy him a Big Mac and a Happy Meal. The customer then told Demarrias to “go get a job” and walked into the restaurant"  This is when the suspect decided to follow the other man while pulling out a handgun and gave him a quick piece of his unhappy mind "...Demarrias proceeded to call the customer a “son of a *****” before putting the gun back into his waistband and leaving the restaurant" added.

Happy smiles were hard to find after that

Can you imagine seeing someone pull a gun on someone else? I can't. Here's the good news, smiles were quickly restored as the police arrested the suspect shortly after.


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