There are times during our fast-paced world that I wish would slow down. Everything seems to be so immediate. We find ourselves getting hungry, feeling lazy hanging out on the couch with the remote, hey no problem. Just a couple of seconds of hitting speed dial on your cell, you're connected just like that, next thing you know, you've placed your order to a super-sonic fast company that will make sure what you are hungry for, at a convenient restaurant near you, will be delivered to your doorstep in less time than it takes to make a limp bologna sandwich. There is something missing these days, and I think Bismarck just found it.

Gianna and Aminah are two charming little girls sharing one ambition - to sell us good old fashioned ice-cold lemonade! These sisters are learning at a young age the value of money, and the responsibility it takes to save up for something they both want - a bouncy house. Their parents both know how valuable this is for the girls to experience at an early age how business works. PLUS we as Bismarck residents can hopefully take in just how charming this tasty citrus stand is. The girls have set up shop so to speak, right in front of their house, selling a delicious product for only two dollars on a hot long summer day. There are no time restraints, the only pressure the young entrepreneurs face their little hands squeezing the lemons. If you are out and about and you run across their lemonade stand, do yourself a favor, park about a block away, breathe in the fresh air as you slowly walk over to treat yourself to a refreshing drink, and two warm smiles. Life sometimes needs to slow down, even just for a moment. For more on this story click here.


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